Thommy bremberg

The poet of glass, from Småland Sweden.


Gnosjö Bibliotek "Födel-zen"    The Birth                                             Education,separation,creation,communication.: 

Mitsubishi Corporation Japan                                                              UTBILDNING: Självlärd,autodidakt

Hotell Carisma ,Växjö "Tyrannisaurius Rex"                                         Learning by doing,and 26 years of experiments.

The Swedien Museum of GlassVäxjö "With God on our side?"              

     -"-                       -"-                 -"-                                                                        

Some smaller sculptures to                       Diverse glaspjäser                                 

Specialistläkargruppen,Växjö "Welcome to the jungle"                                           

 " Soulmate"                                                                                                  


Kungliga Slottet,Stockholm "Cobra"  och "Stora Blå"                                           DESIGNER AT/FOR:

The Royal Castle   Stockholm                                                                   Woodline Dezign  1979-1990 (interior design,furniture) 

Glasmuseum,Ebeltoft,Denmark                                                                 Bergdala glasbruk,1993-1997    ( vases,bowls,etc)

                                                                                                            Berengo Fine Arts  2000-2002   (   special  art editions) 

Skandia,Stockholm                                                                                 Svenssons i Lammhult 1998-2000

TryggHansa,Stockholm                                                                      and more....and still struggling along ,on the slippery road

Music Polar Prize,2000,Bob Dylan                                                        of life ,laughing on the way, because once I tried to be

Granitäpplet Sundbybergs Stad    2010                                                           serious about myself ,but  who can? Really???

                                                                                                                                   Maybee You can?                                                                                                                                        

  Membership in BUS, The Academy of Glass, Craftartcenter, The Ring of the Brigth,Harley Davidson member.

 Medlemskap i BUS,Glasakademin,Konsthantverkscentrum,Di kloges förening, Livsvarigt medlemsskap i Ebeltoft glasmuseum,